About Us

totinit: Wear it, Pack it, Find it.

Founded in 2016 and rooted in Vancouver, BC, totinit is not just a brand name—it's both a noun and a verb, representing a way of navigating the world while keeping your belongings secure and your style uncompromised. Whether on your everyday commute or discovering new landscapes around the globe, totinit unites practicality with minimalistic style to seamlessly fit into your diverse experiences.

Inspired by Vancouver's urban sophistication and outdoor vitality, totinit's cross-body bags and wallets are essential companions. They cater to the functionality required for the Grouse Grind, the sleek style needed to navigate bustling Gastown, and the adaptability to travel and explore new cities.

With totinit, it's not just about what you carry; it's about enhancing your journey, feeling self-assured, and living a life filled with spontaneity. 

Let's see where you will be #totinit!